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     The purpose of the Sebring-West Branch Hot Stove League is to teach and promote the fundamentals of baseball.  It's the responsibility of league officials and coaches to encourage good sportsmanship, fellowship, fair play, loyalty and reverence both on and off the playing field.

     The stressing of individual ability or winning games is secondary to the above objectives.  All teams will follow the OFFICIAL OHIO HOT STOVE BASEBALL INC. rules and regulations.

2016 Signups @ Sebring Fire Station
(235 East Ohio Avenue, Sebring).

SATURDAY, Jan. 30 from 10am-2pm
SATURDAY, Feb. 6 from 10am-2pm
SATURDAY, Feb. 13 from 10am-2pm

THURSDAY, Feb. 18 from 6pm-8pm   

Any boy or girl who turns 5 on or before
May 31, 2016 is eligible to participate in
our league. 

    2016 Raffle Winners
        (Weekly drawings will begin 5/28/16)

Week #1 - Kathy Hrovat (ticket sold by Dylan Klimavicius) 
Week #2 - Tom Goetz (ticket sold by Eli James)
Week #3 - Samantha Loper (ticket sold by Connor Loper)
Week #4 - Selinda McCombers (ticket sold by Dominic Hawk)
Week #5 - James Baird (ticket sold by Zach Crutchley)
Week #6 - Marianne Mahl (ticket sold by Walker Poorbaugh)
Week #7 - Pernell Peterson (ticket sold by Kyle Peterson)

All children are encouraged to participate within our communities in an attempt to build stronger and better communities.